CDB Screenshot Competition

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NodeCore needs better screenshots for its ContentDB listing. Images posted to the Image Board may be eligible for selection to showcase on ContentDB.

Images will be manually selected/curated by Warr1024. Criteria used may include:

  • Real in-game screenshots with no/minimal alteration.
  • Images that are higher-scored or more-favorited by the community.
  • Images with better resolution, visual quality, render distance.
  • Images using the current standard textures/visuals and few/unobtrusive mods.
  • Images that showcase some mechanic or elements of NodeCore gameplay.
  • Images containing builds/designs that are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Images that are distinct from other chosen images.

Save world backups! Some screenshots may need to be recreated if the game visuals change, or if texture packs are updated, and screenshots may need to be retaken with updated visuals to be eligible for continued use.