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The following policies apply to all official NodeCore chat areas across all platforms.


  1. Treat other members and moderators with respect.
  2. No spam, illegal content, or NSFW content.
  3. No offensive/degrading terms, or otherwise hateful comments; membership in the offended group does not excuse this.
  4. No trolling or inciting controversy (such as politics, religion, etc).
  5. Rule violations may result in penalties or restrictions at discretion of moderators.
  6. Moderators have final say in rule enforcement, including interpretation of rules.
  7. Rules may be updated by moderators at any time as needed; members are responsible for keeping up to date.
  8. Attempting to circumvent moderator actions is disallowed.
  9. Message editing and deletion are for correcting honest mistakes only, not for evading detection, or altering the record of discussions.
  10. Excessive name changing, or public communication via nickname or status changes is disallowed.
  11. No posting of personally-identifying information without explicit consent.


  1. All activity in public chats is considered public.
  2. Any activity may be monitored, logged or audited by platforms, moderators, or other members.
  3. Any activity be bridged to other public chat platforms, and subject to different privacy policies.
  4. Moderators may have limited/no authority over private chats or other activity happening outside of specific public chat areas.
  5. Some features, such as usernames/nicknames, avatars, presence/status, reaction emotes, message edits or deletions, may not be represented equally on all bridged platforms.
  6. Message edits and deletions do not erase all records of the original message.


  1. Mature language or topics may be allowed, within reasonable limits (mostly in off-topic channels). Reader discretion is advised.
  2. Copypasta, non-topical memes, and random images are discouraged.
  3. Gameplay spoilers should be marked as such, and avoided in public chats where possible.
  4. Limit use of non-bridged platform-specific features (e.g. reaction emotes) to uses non-essential for bridged users to follow the discussion.