Lode Cobble

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Lode cobble can be obtained by either compacting its loose version, or by mining lode ore. While this node cannot do very much on its own, it can be used to make a variety of useful tools.


To extract lode from lode cobble, it must first be heated up by smelting. Once it transforms into hot lode cobble, the lode requires a place below the node to drop out of the cobble. When it falls out, it creates a glowing lode prill. It can create 1 or more prills, with no defining limit.


The function used to get the count of lode prills it creates can return 1 or more, with an average of 2.
floor(-log(random()) * (1 + 0.5)) + 1

Lode Cobble
"A picture of Lode Cobble"
Flammable No
Stackable? Yes
Affected by gravity? No