Burning Embers

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An image of all of the burning ember nodes, 1-8 from left to right.


Burning embers can be created through the process of burning. If a flammable block is touching at least one other hot node (another ember node or fire), then it will combust into a burning ember node. You cannot mine this node, as it will harm you if you try and touch it. Instead, you can move it by utilizing gravity.


Embers that are not touching air or surrounded on all sides, during the next fire tick, will turn into an impure charcoal node with a corresponding quality level. The higher quality the burning ember is, the higher quality charcoal gets generated. Burning embers have 8 stages (ember_1 through ember_8), which produce more charcoal the higher the stage. While they can cause other flammable nodes to combust, they do not count towards hot nodes in the process of smelting. Burning embers create flames on all sides of the node, which is one of the key parts of smelting. If you stand on this node, it will harm slowly harm you.

Burning Embers
"A picture of Burning Embers"
Flammable No
Stackable? No
Affected by gravity? Yes