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Features list from https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/mojang-studios-release-new-astonishing-update

Minecraft NodeCore
Fixed all inventory issues by removing the inventory Heavily mitigated since day one
Made the whole world into a player inventory space Added 2018-10-30
Up to 14 quintillion inventory slots 238 trillion
Also removed experience and enchanting, while we’re at it WAY ahead of ya buddy; never even considered it
Fixed MC-4 by having no items on the ground Done way back in 2018-10-30
Dropper drops. Droppier drops? Schroedinger's drops.
Improved chest excitement factor >:) Not just chests, but entire torsos are exciting
Added the ability to throw stuff. YEET! Added back in 2020-01-02
Glass is 50% more realistic when thrown Most realistic chromatic glass depiction of any game
Added wrestling moves as an alternative to leashes Players have been wrestling with the game since 2019
Reworked combat because it’s haaaard to create a more immersive gameplay experience Removed combat because it distracts from the gameplay experience
Sneaky block? What sneaky block? Indeed.