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NodeCore Community

Connect port 30000
Discord Chat Bridge channel #nodecore-ingame
IRC Chat Bridge 
#nodecore-ingame on
Surface Map

This is a community server open to cooperative participants. Players must read and accept the rules before they can participate.

Mostly NodeCore Vanilla experience, with some mostly non-invasive mods, such as Dais Ex Machina, YCTIWY, ZipRunes. Players start in a central town, managed by server moderators.

Hosting is currently located in Nuremberg, Germany, hosted by Contabo (


Connect port 30033
Discord Chat Bridge channel #nodecore-ingame
IRC Chat Bridges 
#nodecore-ingame on

Public multiplayer server, running multiple mods by WintersKnight, Kimapr, Avicennia, etc. most notably NodeCore Nature.

Formerly Hosted by VanessaE, now under management of wsor4035 and Edgy1 on EdgyNet.

Kimapr DarkCore

Connect port 30000

Kimapr's always-dark NodeCore server. No natural skylight, artificial light sources are necessary.