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A constant 24/7 livestream of gameplay on the NodeCore Community server.

The stream is run on a separate cloud VM than the world server itself (so the stream may be active even when the world is offline, or vice versa), using the setup from Video/Streaming Advice#Automated Streaming.

Config for minetestcast

--memory 4g
--cpus 3
-e width=854
-e height=480
-e fps=24
-e vkeyint=24
-e vcrf=24
-e vmaxrate=2M
-e vmaxburst=2M
-e vfilter="eq=gamma=1.15,drawtext='fontfile=/app/monogram.ttf:fontcolor=white:fontsize=16:x=(w-text_w-4):y=(h-lh-4):shadowx=1:shadowy=1:alpha=0.5:text=%{gmtime\:%Y-%m-%d %H\\\\\:%M\\\\\:%SZ}',drawtext='fontfile=/app/monogram.ttf:fontcolor=white:fontsize=16:x=4:y=(h-lh-4):shadowx=1:shadowy=1:alpha=0.5:textfile=/app/notice.txt':reload=true"
-v `pwd`/notice.txt:/app/notice.txt:ro
-v `pwd`/minetest.conf:/app/minetest.conf:ro
-v `pwd`/monogram.ttf:/app/monogram.ttf:ro


display_gamma = 2
font_path = /app/monogram.ttf
font_shadow = 2
font_shadow_alpha = 192
font_size = 20
fov = 72

Custom Font