NodeCore Community World Moderation Guidelines

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  • This page should be considered a working draft of guidelines for moderators. It is subject to change as experience is gained.
  • All moderation decisions are subject to judgement specific to the situation and this guide does not guarantee nor limit what moderators can and cannot do in response to any incident.


Gameplay Violations

  • Things like theft, griefing, etc.
  • Standard of proof is "reasonable suspicion".
  • Moderators may make a decision based on incomplete or circumstantial evidence.
  • Contact Warr1024 for a log search (within 5 days of incident) for a log scrape if needed.
  • Standard penalty for non-repeat offenses is loss of interact privs

Chat Violations

  • Minor offenses like spam, excessive swearing, etc. warrant a warning.
  • Note that mature language IS allowed on the server, so we ask people to tone it down if kids are present but generally don't consider it a violation.
  • Standard penalty is revocation of shout privs. Players can still DM to appeal.
  • Major stuff like racial slurs, sexual harrassment, stalking, etc. can escalate immediately to a ban.

Penalty Durations

  • We don't have mods for automatically ending temporary penalties right now.
  • Standard duration of any punishment is "until moderators decide to end it."
  • Players can appeal if they have additional evidence, or if events were misinterpreted.
  • Players can apologize and a moderator can grant a second chance.
  • Moderators may choose to end a penalty preemptively at their own discretion.
  • Ultimate responsibility for earning back privileges is on the player.
  • All repeat offenses can escalate to additional or more lasting priv loss, up to & including ban.
  • Serious violators may lose their appeal privilege if e.g. they need to be banned from all means of contact.


Check the /help command for more info about available chat commands

watch mod

  • /watch <player>: watch from any other player's perspective, use F7/C (rebindable) to adjust camera
  • /unwatch: return to normal gameplay


  • interact: revoking this prevents players from interacting with the world or carrying items
  • shout: revoking this prevents players from using public chat, including the bridges
  • szutil_motdagree: revoking this resets a player's "agreed to rules" status
  • nc_ytiwy: revoking this disallows a player from "borrowing" from offline inventories
  • nc_exmachina: revoking this disallows a player from summoning a dais, if not already summoned


  • /kick <player>
  • /ban <player>
  • note that bans are by IP address, can be evaded, and may cause collateral damage

logtrace mod

  • /logtrace: toggle log tracing.
  • You will see pretty much everything happening live on the server while on.

offline positions

  • /pos <player>: get the current location of a player, including last position of offline players.

server restarts

  • /shutdown: restart immediately
  • /trigger_restart <seconds>: schedule a graceful restart w/ warning

open/close registration

  • /szutil_motdagree on/off: enable/disable new players agreeing to MOTD.
  • /no_newplayers y/n: enable/disable players without existing accounts joining the server at all.
  • /grant <player> szutil_motdagree,interact: grant a player privs manually when registration is closed.
  • Players can still agree to MOTD (it will announce) but won't get privs; make sure they agree before manually granting.
  • Useful for when the server is under "attack" by players creating dummy accounts and evading bans.