Shelf Craft Reform

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Shelf crafting reform is in progress. The introduction of forms is intended as an intermediate stage in the crafting recipe. However, the detail as to how to actually transform a form into a shelf is still not yet defined.


  • Should be sufficiently intuitive for new players to discover reasonably quickly
  • Keep material costs balanced and comparable to existing recipe
  • Not tedious or painful to execute repeatedly, consider steps and time
  • Not easy to trigger accidentally when not intending to craft, or when using components for other normal use-cases
  • Need things to exhibit consistent and logical behavior, i.e. avoid unexpected corner cases

Should we expect forms to be primarily general storeboxes, i.e. right-clicking with an item preferentially places the item in the box consistent with other storeboxes? Or should they be special-purpose things that merely ALSO function as a storebox in some circumstances, e.g. some right-clicking is crafting? Or maybe we should disallow right-click/punch access entirely and only allow items to fall through?

Ideas for Shelf Recipes

(using wood shelves as example then extrapolate to others)

  • Right-click on a form with a plank (excess stays in inventory)
  • Place any planks in a form (excess stays in shelf)
  • Must place exactly 1 plank inside a form
  • Place planks inside a form and pummel (how to prevent taking planks out?)
  • Place a plank against a form
  • Place plank against a form and pummel it into the form
  • Place a form between a plank above and below (could consume 0 to 2 of those planks)
  • Pummel a form while between a plank above and below (probably don't need to consume planks)
  • Pummel a form wielding a plank
  • Place a wooden mallet head inside a form (looks more shelf-board-shaped) by right-click
  • Pummel a form wielding a wooden mallet head
  • Pummel a form with a plank or mallet head inside wielding a stone stylus (as a tool)
  • Place a "peg" (stick) on top of form with plank in it and pummel it into the form
  • Pummel a frame while surrounded by appropriate planks to make a shelf instead of form