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NodeCore currently does not have an "official" teaser/trailer video, and would very much like one. For this purpose, a sort of open-ended "contest" will be started.

The video chosen by the developer(s), with some feedback from the community as a whole, would be featured on the ContentDB page, this article, and possibly other places (e.g. if the project ever gets its own homepage).


N.B. any/all criteria may change over time, as more is learned.


  • Whole, and each and every part, is licensed CC0, CC-BY, or a mix of those.
  • Nothing preventing it from being hosted on YouTube, PeerTube, and similar platforms.
  • Submitted to the project (contact Warr1024) for consideration for this purpose (we can't use it if we don't know about it).


  • Video should be under 2 minutes (or length should be justifiable from content).
  • Video should be engaging, probably have some kind of narrative structure.
  • Pack in as much vanilla NodeCore content as possible, gameplay across tech levels, features, etc.
  • Focus on "teasing", not "tutorial" (spoilers are okay, but avoid showing all of how they work).
  • Show only vanilla content: use vanilla textures, avoid mods that are visible in-game.
  • Avoid showing/mentioning anything other than NodeCore (e.g. other games for comparison).
  • Bake licensing/credit info into the video (e.g. card at ent) in case metadata/descriptions are lost.
  • Keep the video project and raw footage so you can maintain it (make & release fixes).
  • Footage is "clean", not cluttered up with excess in-game HUDs, unrelated chat messages, etc.

Nice To Have

  • Publish the video project source files somewhere, if feasible.
  • Best possible audio/visual quality: good settings, high res/fps, low-loss encoding.
  • Make a high-quality encode available from before mangling by YouTube re-encoding.
  • Use more "cinematic" than "practical" settings (e.g. lower display_gamma).
  • Mix of first-person (showing off player experience) and third-person (showing off player model and MP features).

General Advice

  • Check out the Video/Streaming Advice page for tips about tech and settings for capture.
  • You might find some suitable source material on the Public Videos page, though beware of licensing.
    • Warr1024's "Dogfooding" and "Community" series are generally CC-BY (ask Warr1024 if you want higher-quality encodes than YouTube has).
    • The NodeCoreMT Twitch account will have a couple weeks of VODs available; these should all be CC0.