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NodeCore only supports "survival" gameplay (i.e. sandbox play with constrained resources) natively. Alternative game modes require some mods:

Creative Mode

Build/dig and maneuver freely, to build artistic creations or prototype complex machinery.

  • Grant yourself all permissions. With fly and noclip you can move about freely, with ncdqd you are immune to damage, with give you can give yourself any material, and with server and debug you can override some of the mechanics of the game.
  • Use the /stasis chat command to toggle stasis mode. When the world is frozen in stasis, most time-based mechanics (except flowing liquids) are frozen, e.g. fire will neither spread nor extinguish, circuits won't tick, etc. You can default the game to starting in stasis mode by setting nodecore_stasis = true in your minetest.conf
  • The szutil_givemenu mod from SzUtilPack ( makes it a lot easier to search for items with the /givemenu command. With the pulverize priv, you can /pulverize or /clearinv to destroy excess items.
  • You can dig any node with the special admin hand tool, which you can get via /nckfa (or via /give or /givemenu). It acts as a maximum-tier tool for every dig group. If you aux+sneak+punch with it, it unconditionally digs the pointed node and places it in your inventory, even for nodes that are not diggable.

Adventure/Puzzle Mode

Play a pre-built map where you cannot build/dig freely and must interact within the constraints of the puzzle.

  • You can create adventure/puzzle maps using the puzzlemap mod on ContentDB ( More detailed instructions are on the CDB page / mod README.
  • Also see the tips above for Creative Mode for building the map structure itself.
  • N.B. in NodeCore there is no way to completely prevent a player from scaling (yet) so you may have to e.g. use float glass ceilings instead of leaving open sky.
  • N.B. in NodeCore there is not and probably never will be a way to prevent a player from dropping items, and those items will need to settle on the ground somewhere, including possibly tunneling through solid material if necessary. Dropped items are always diggable as long as they don't become a node (e.g. leaves, torches) but may become undiggable if they land in a protected spot. Control what items a player may have in inventory to prevent issues/exploits.

Screenshot Mode

This is a game map that's included in the git repo, specifically for capturing the official NodeCore screenshots. You can use it to demonstrate texture packs, or to show off mod content against a background of default game visuals.

Instructions for its use are in the docs/screenshot-world dir, in the README file, in the source repo.

You can use admin/debug/cheat commands to make changes to the scene as needed, and then exit and rejoin the world according to the included instructions to reset the camera and capture a screenshot with the official framing.