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A Stick is a node that is used in many crafting recipes and is one of the first nodes a player will obtain during typical gameplay.


Sticks can be found when mining Leaves off of trees. Sticks can also be made by splitting Wooden Planks into Wooden Tool Heads.


  • Sticks are used mostly to make Staves by placing one Stick atop another Stick.
  • Sticks are also used to make Ladders by placing a Stick on the side of a Staff.
  • When a Stone Chip is placed on top of a Stick, it makes a Stone-Tipped Stylus, which is used to decorate nodes like Adobe.
  • Pummelling a Stick while holding another Stick will create Fire, but doing this with Staffs instead is faster.
"A picture of Stick"
Flammable Yes
Stackable? Yes
Affected by gravity? Yes