Wooden Plank

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Wooden Planks are very useful nodes obtained from either Tree Trunks or Logs.


Wooden Planks can be mined with a Hatchet or an Adze. Wooden Planks are obtained by Pummelling either a Tree Trunk or a Log from the top with either a Hatchet or an Adze.


Wooden Planks are one of the most important nodes in NodeCore, due to its commonness and range of uses:

  • Wooden Tool Heads are made by Pummelling the top of a Wooden Plank with either a Hatchet or an Adze.
  • Continuing to pummel a Wooden Tool Head as much as possible will eventually break it down into 8 Sticks, but it is faster to pummel a Wooden Plank with a Mallet from the top to break it into 8 Sticks directly.
  • Wooden Planks are also used to fuel Fires and make Charcoal and Ash because of their relative abundance and the amount of Charcoal and Ash made from a single Wood Plank.

Wooden Planks are also used in building houses, but members of the NodeCore Community Server seem to prefer Cobbleboxes.

Wooden Plank
"A picture of Wooden Plank"
Flammable Yes
Stackable? Yes
Affected by gravity? No