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  • Type:Tool
  • Requisite Materials:Stick x 3.
  • Precautions:
    • Flammable.
  • Dig Capacity:
    • Crumbly: Low-Medium
    • Choppy: Low-Medium


The Adze is the first craftable tool in NodeCore. It functions as a relatively weak chopping tool, and can also be used to dig most 'Loose' nodes with better speed than most other non-spadelike tools.


Crafting the Adze requires the player to first craft a Staff, and then place a Stick on the topmost face of the Staff.

Placing Loose Gravel on an Adze will create a Graveled Adze. This will not use up the gravel, but it will need to be re-dug.

"A picture of Adze"
Flammable Yes
Stackable? No
Affected by gravity? Yes