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A 'Loose' node is a variant of a node with gravity enabled and are typically mined with a Spade or Adze.

Different Types

So far, there are 8 'Loose' block variants:

Common Features

'Loose' nodes can typically be Pummelled back into their original node with a Mallet, except for Loose Leaves. Most 'Loose' nodes' textures are the same as the original node, but outlined with a dark gradient around the edges, again with the exception of Loose Leaves, which are just a darker version.


Some blocks will only be able to be carried in their 'Loose' state, but will revert back to their 'Stable' state when Pummelled with a Mallet (again, except for the Loose Leaves).

"A picture of Loose..."
Flammable Only Loose Leaves
Stackable? Yes
Affected by gravity? Yes