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A Stick is a node that is used in many crafting recipes and is one of the first nodes a player will obtain during typical gameplay.


Sticks can be found when mining Leaves off of trees. Sticks can also be made by splitting Wooden Planks into Wooden Tool Heads. You can also bash Wooden Planks into sticks with a Mallet of Stone-Tipped quality or better by pummeling the top of the Wooden Plank. This results in 8 sticks.


  • Sticks are used mostly to make Staves by placing one Stick atop another Stick.
  • Sticks are also used to make Ladders by placing a Stick on the side of a Staff.
  • When a Stone Chip is placed on top of a Stick, it makes a Stone-Tipped Stylus, which is used to decorate nodes like Adobe.
  • Pummelling a Stick while holding another Stick will create Fire, but doing this with Staves instead is faster.
"A picture of Stick"
Flammable Yes
Stackable? Yes
Affected by gravity? Yes