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Sand is a node that is used in Glassmaking and is most common near bodies of Water.


Sand can be mined by hand rather fast, but is best mined with a Spade or Adze. When mined, it becomes Loose Sand.


Sand is primarily used to make glass. When heated up with at least 3 Fires, it will melt and become Molten Glass. It will then begin to flow. If the glass flow is allowed to roam freely, it will cool into Crude Glass. If the glass flow is held in a 1x1 space, however, it will become Clear Glass. If it is cooled quickly with water when confined to a 1x1 space, it will cool into Chromatic Glass, which can be used for Lenses. Sand is also used to make Render when mixed with Ash (not entirely sure how to 'mix').

"A picture of Sand"
Flammable Yes
Stackable? Yes
Affected by gravity? Yes