Hatchet Head

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TODO: Upload a picture with the three hatchet head types in frame. Hatchet Heads can be made out of either Annealed Lode Prills, Tempered Lode Prills and Wooden Planks.

How to Make

Wooden Hatchet Head

For a Wooden Hatchet Head, Pummel the top of a Wooden Spade Head with a Hatchet or Adze until it splits into some sticks and a Hatchet Head.

Annealed Lode Hatchet Head

For an Annealed Lode Hatchet Head, Pummel the top of an Annealed Lode Spade Head placed on an Anvil with a Stone-Tipped Mallet or better.

Hatchet Head
"A picture of Hatchet Head"
Flammable Yes
Stackable? No
Affected by gravity? Yes